913 2nd Avenue Conway, PA 15027‎ Sunday 11:00 AM / Wednesday 7:00PM


Sunday Morning Sunday School 

Pastor Paul and elder Doug McCombie are alternating teaching every other Sunday. Pastor Paul is currently teaching from the book of 1 Corinthians while Doug is currently teaching from the book of John. Our goal is to go thru the entire 66 books of  the Bible without a time limit. Because of the interaction between teacher and students, we average any where from 1-3 chapters per Sunday. Some Sundays it is actually hard to get thru even one chapter because of the great discussions that The Holy Ghost leads us in to. If you have the heart of a student and want to better know Christ and His purpose for your life, please join us 10:00 Sunday morning.


Men’s Ministry

Our mens group is currently led by Michael Smith and Mike Murgenovich with assistance from Pastor Paul. Our meetings usually have teachings and discussions that can run the gamut from the dangers of pornography, to the question of how to reach the lost in our area. Also, their is a time of prayer, worship, and of course the three F’s: Food, Fun and Fellowship.

The men will be meeting on the 2nd Saturday of every month. Michael Smith is currently teaching from the course: Men of Honor. Join us for this challenging teaching and also breakfast, worship, prayer, and fellowship.


Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry is currently being developed with Becky Strano as the leader. Becky is Pastor Paul’s wife and was actually saved before him. (and prayed him into the kingdom) Be sure to check our news and events pages for future updates from the Women’s Ministry.


Kids’ Ministry

Here at New Life Assembly of God, every kid matters! We strive to make every Sunday the best hour of every kid’s week because we want to inspire and equip them for a life-long faith adventure!

Read more about our kid’s ministry here.