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What We Believe


We believe the bible to be the inspired (God breathed) message for all mankind. In that message we find out that ALL mankind are born sinners, separated from God and are headed to Hell. This is BAD NEWS for us all! The truly GOOD NEWS is that Jesus Christ the son of God came to free us from this hopeless state. He did that when He received OUR punishment and fully paid the price for OUR sins when He suffered and died on calvary’s cross. Three days later He rose from the dead with total victory, making Him the King of all kings and The Lord of all lords!

By asking Jesus to forgive you of all your sins and making Him the Lord of your life, we are “Born Again,”  and not only receive eternal life (heaven) but we receive a new life to live here and now. A life, a walk, a journey surrounded by the love of God the Father, The leading of the Holy Spirit, hand in hand with Jesus the Son of God!


Our Politics:

“That’s My King”by Pastor S.M. Lockridge 1913-2000